People Management

People are the critical success factor for any organization! Anyone who has managed other people knows this to be true.

At Motto+Partners we bridge the gap between talent and opportunity. We create the connection needed to produce wealth.

We take the matter seriously, because we can only achieve productivity gains if your team is doing what best suits each person’s personality, profile and desires. We intervene in a deeply personalized way to fulfill the human needs for the functioning of the whole.

Executive Coaching

Team Reorganization

Team Coordination

The Motto Perspective

Our proactive, people-centered approach aims to attract, retain and empower the best talent, thereby strengthening your team to reach new heights of excellence.

The Difference

We manage the human side of the organization in order to minimize the resistance of organizations to change.

#Executive Coaching

At MOTTO we take coaching beyond inspiration, focusing on practical and tangible transformation. We enable leaders to make the necessary changes through a practical, results-oriented path shaped to elevate each professional’s capabilities and unlock new perspectives, skills and strategies to face the challenges of professional development.

With a personalized approach focused on your goals, we will work together to develop essential leadership skills, strengthen your decision-making and boost your performance to exceptional levels.

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and improvement, together we will open the door to a future of lasting success and fulfillment.

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How can we help?

  • We help managers to understand the areas in which they can improve.
  • We help develop new skills.
  • We carry out an organizational study of the organization.
  • Coaching and mentoring with a dedicated specialist.
  • Leadership coaching to increase team satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Assessment of the human resources structure.
  • Orientation programs.
  • We discover talent, strengths and weaknesses for improvement.
  • We help increase the ability to react quickly to change.
  • We increase self-confidence and self-knowledge.

#Team reorganization

MOTTO can intervene in a deeply personalized way and find the right place for people in your team by bridging the gap between talent and opportunity, creating the link necessary for wealth production.

By optimizing the structure and dynamics of your team, we are building the foundations for more effective collaboration, fluid communication and excellent performance. With a strategic and personalized approach, we will work together to identify strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth within your team.

By realigning talent, assigning roles and responsibilities strategically, we will create a cohesive team that is empowered to face challenges with confidence and resilience. Together, we will turn obstacles into opportunities and shape a future of sustainable success for your organization.

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How can we help?

  • Sourcing products.
  • Analysis and definition of values.
  • Organizational structure analysis.
  • Detailed assessment of the current team structure.
  • Analysis of Competencies and Professional Profiles.
  • Review of the roles and responsibilities of each team member.
  • Reassignment of tasks and projects.
  • Development of a transition plan.
  • Change management and resilience.
  • Monitoring the changes implemented.

We become the ideal partner, whatever the needs, whatever the client.

#Team Coordination

At Motto, we recognize that managing people goes beyond routine tasks. It’s about understanding what motivates and drives them to be productive. We understand that people are not simply cogs in a machine. They are unique beings with distinct experiences and skills, and managing people can be a complex challenge.

Each individual brings with them a wealth of unique experiences, aspirations and skills. At Motto we believe that the secret to a successful team lies in finding the right balance between individual skills and collective goals. Our consultants are specialists in personalized interventions.

We work closely with you to understand the nuances of your team, identify individual expectations and map each member’s specific skills. We then create customized strategies to ensure that each person is in the right place, performing roles that align perfectly with their personality and profile. Pave the way for exceptional performance, where every member of your team excels at what they do best.

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How can we help?

  • Identifying and building relationships with new suppliers.
  • Briefing, staffing and management.
  • Talent fit and business coaching.
  • 180° and 360° evaluations and reports.
  • Team mentoring.
  • Models for designing, planning and monitoring change.
  • Systems for communicating, training and motivating.
  • Strategies for propagating organizational values and models.
  • Branding of projects and people.
  • Analysis and definition of values, leadership and management styles.
  • Executive transitions.


We are a group of specialized professionals

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